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Successfully Prepare For Your Translation Projects
Your company takes pride in its products, services, and professionalism. Consider the time, costs, and effort that goes into running a successful business. When you need translation services for a current client or new strategic direction, the same qualification should also be held for your company documents that need translation.
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4 Ways to Streamline Your Manufacturing Translations

Manufacturing Brandon Choquette on Jul 17, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Manufacturing Translations

We work with global manufacturing firms on a daily basis, proud to handle the challenges surrounding this business. As a translation company we must help manufacturing companies keep up with regulatory requirements in local markets. Manufacturing companies face unprecedented pressure to speed up product time to market, and keep up with the piles of content that just keep growing. Today, we will discuss a few tips to help your manufacturing translation process run more efficiently.

Utilize Translation Memory

Translation memory databases contain similar and identical phrases and statements that can make up a large portion of your text. If you don’t use translation memory to capture any repeated content for future use, you will need to localize the same content again, which can inevitably slow down project completion. Also, translation memory can aid the localization process, dramatically improving both quality and efficiency

Look For A Translation Company With Excellent Sector Experience

Naturally, many manufacturing companies search for translation companies that offer eye-popping turnaround times. However, it is absolutely important that your prospective translation company has experience within the manufacturing industry. If you are looking for signs that indicate a company has manufacturing experience, look for ISO certification, which is a sign of quality control processes and should assure you that the company has verified its process.

It’s also key to ensure that the translation company has the specific language experience necessary for the completion of your project.

In a manufacturing setting, you will want a translator who is familiar with:

  • Maintenance Manuals

  • Operation Manuals

  • Repair Manuals

  • Instruction Sheets

  • MSDS

  • Training Materials

  • Online Help Materials

  • Contracts

  • Installation Guides

Understand Your Buyer Personas For Localization

To successfully reach your target market, you first need to identify their defining cultural characteristics. Consider this: even when a group of people shares a common language and culture, people will speak differently depending on their gender, age , and specific location (consider dialect differences in United States).

It is important that localizing companies attempt to understand exactly where, how, when and by whom your product is likely to be used by. The more you can come to understand your buyer personas, the easier it will be to support a strong localization campaign.

Manufacturing Documentation Department Must Communicate Well With Translators

The documentation department for manufacturers has a difficult job, as they must attempt to communicate a wide variety of information within digestible documents for their clients and customers.

This is one of the main reasons why translation is best left to the experts at a well-established translation services provider. The work of the translation provider and the documentation department can be markedly simplified by selecting software for document creation that interfaces well with the tools used by translators.

iTi | Manufacturing Translations

As critical as CT translation services are, many companies have overlooked or underestimated their importance. Clear and accurate translations are a tried and tested method for improving customer service and production quality. Don't skimp in this area. Don't rely on your own in-house personnel to translate key documents, and don’t spread your efforts too thinly across the globe.

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