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6 Transcreation Tips To Stretch Your Global Presence

Transcreation Francesco Pagano on Feb 11, 2015 1:30:00 PM


When it comes to maintaining a careful crafted identity, every single aspect of brand management is important. It could be the tagline, logo, product information, or website graphics; regardless, all of it must speak through one cohesive brand voice. However, as you can imagine, it is not always possible to translate highly conceptual and creative elements word for word, because there is often no direct equivalent in your target country. There is a solution to this issue, though.

If what your customers see in your brand today isn’t what you want them to see, change the picture and perception of who you are. To do that, you’ll need to convey this message to your global audience through transcreation—and as it happens, we have some tips to help you expand your global presence.

What is Transcreation?

Essentially, transcreation is marketing localization, an adaptation and transformation of a marketing concept to suit your target market's language and culture. Customers in different markets buy for different reasons. Luckily, transcreation helps you focus on what motivates the behavior of buyers in a new market, which is typically different from customers in your home market.

Transcreation is used with a product or service's materials, images, examples to help preserve the true message of a brand.

6 transcreation tips to put into practice

  • Transcreation can be a very subjective process. Together with in-country language teams, create the tone of voice and communication style for your products and brand that you want to achieve in each local market.

  • Consider creating terminology lists that flags idioms, puns and potential product names or descriptions that have no direct equivalent in your target market.

  • Support this creative process by supplying the creative brief for the product or campaign and any visual mockups you have.

  • Remember that your source content is included in your translation memory, but never the tweaked versions following transcreation—in other words, transcreation happens apart from your translation memory

  • Know the limits of using your bilingual employees. Your employees, admittedly, will have harbored a great deal of information about your brand; however, they cannot give you scalability because of limits to their availability (i.e. they are doing other work for you).

  • Acknowledge that it takes time to improve quality. Transcreation providers can take many hours to build up an expert knowledge of your brand. Over time, you can expect your turnaround times to shorten while your quality increases.

We hope these tips concerning transcreation have given boosted your confidence as you embark on country-specific targeted manufacturing content. Keep in mind that they’re relevant in all of your manufacturing localization projects, whether you’re rebranding or simply building up your brand as it exists today.

iTi Translation Services

Do you have any specific questions regarding the concept of transcreation, or how it works? Perhaps you would like advice on an upcoming project, or simply need some advice. iTi's dedicated and experienced teams offer a wide range of multilingual solutions for domestic and global corporations in a variety of industries. With our expansive resources, you can take advantage of communication services on a global scale, creating, managing, and distributing your content in any format. You are welcome to contact us to request a quote for your CT language translation project.

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