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How Is Transcreation Different From Translation Services?

Localization, Translation Brandon Choquette on Jun 29, 2015 5:00:00 PM

Dollarphotoclub_83007604-152549-editedMany professional linguists have specialized knowledge in other fields, such as history, marketing, or engineering, meaning that they are able to translate documents from these industries. The highly specialized technical jargon usually prevents other translators from fully understanding the texts. Transcreation is centered on translating a concept in one language into the same concept in another foreign language. Transcreation largely comes into play when people are discussing the marketing of a product or service to international audiences.

Why would a company bother with transcreation: why don't they just hire a copywriting company in the target country? While that is a good question, many businesses want the "feel" of their original text to be maintained in the translation. This requires someone who has an intimate knowledge of the source language, someone who can produce a text that is localized for the target language.

Let's get this out of the way: transcreation isn't an attempt to say the same thing in another language; rather the aim is to get the same reaction in each language.

In this post, we will attempt to answer the question, "How is transcreation different from translation?"

Transcreation Is Typically Billed At An Hourly Rate

Whereas translation services are charged by the word, transcreation is a service that is billed by the hour, or in some cases, the project. It’s not too unusual: other creative services, like copywriting, web design and video production are billed at hourly rates. In some situations, this could hurt you but in others you may end up saving some money.

Transcreation Results In New Messaging

In most situations, if messaging was written with a specific target audience in mind, the same information will not resonate in the same way with a completely different group. However, with transcreation, you have the opportunity to receive brand new messaging that is both targeted and localized, while translation provides new words in a foreign language with the same messaging. Naturally, talented translators will attempt to translate “in the spirit” of the source text; however, the message can still lose impact in the process of straight translation. New messaging can be beneficial it if speaks to your target audience.

Transcreation Requires A Creative Brief

The translation process usually begins with a source text, while transcreation necessitates a creative brief, similar to your other creative projects. Instead of providing text to your language services provider, you will instead need to provide them with the creative concept and desired action that you are hoping to trigger with the copy. Creative briefs are difficult for people who have no creative experience, which is why it is important that you work with a reputable translation company.

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