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Successfully Prepare For Your Translation Projects
Your company takes pride in its products, services, and professionalism. Consider the time, costs, and effort that goes into running a successful business. When you need translation services for a current client or new strategic direction, the same qualification should also be held for your company documents that need translation.
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How To Ensure Accuracy & Speed In A Manufacturing Translation Project

Manufacturing Francesco Pagano on Apr 9, 2015 4:30:00 PM

smart_cityUnfortunately, there is a common misconception that translation services are too expensive. This misconception often influences manufacturing companies to cut corners with their localization needs. It is absolutely essential for manufacturers to focus on both speed and accuracy with their translation projects to ensure the content they produce doesn’t lead to any safety risks.

The probability of error increases when manufacturing companies translate content into new languages for global markets. Many businesses have a difficult time trying to find a balance between production schedules and the slow & steady pace required to complete an effective localization project. We have good news, if you are a manufacturer, you don't have to trade content accuracy to meet stern deadlines. IF you follow localization best practices, you can implement a well-paced translation project that ensures important engineering, product or instructional content is accurately localized.

Break Big Projects into Smaller Projects

Many manufacturing translation projects involving localization, necessitate the translation of technical or instructional documents. Localizing large documents can easily lead to content littered with errors, which will then need to be reviewed and corrected. There is a way to avoid this issue though, however. Rather than translating everything at once, you could break these large projects into smaller portions to make it easier to attain faster turnaround times and increased accuracy.

Taking Advantage Of Translation Memory

Translation memory streamlines the translation process. Every time a document is translated, translated words, phrases, and even complete document sections are stored in a database. When those words and phrases appear again, the stored translation is presented to the translator for review.

The more content translated, the more valuable these stored translations become. Translation memory software is an effective method for minimizing costs, shrinking timelines and ensuring consistency.

Attempt To Understand The Market

You may know this to be true from being an English speaker: even when a common language and culture are shared, people will speak differently depending on their gender, age, and specific location. To best reach your target market, you need to identify as many defining characteristics for your target demographic as possible. Understanding exactly how, where, when, and by whom your product is likely to be used is important for a successful localization effort.

Speed and accuracy are important  for manufacturing translation and by using the right combination of professional translators, translation memory, and solid review practices, you can ensure that you receive both.

iTi | CT Translation Services

Successful manufacturing translation stems from partnering with the CT translation company and involving them early on in the process. This will reduce creative and production costs. iTi's dedicated and experienced teams offer a wide range of multilingual solutions for domestic and global corporations in a variety of industries. With our expansive resources, you can take advantage of communication services on a global scale, creating, managing, and distributing your content in any format. You are welcome to contact us to request a quote for your language translation project.

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