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What Are The Pros And Cons Of VRI?

December 11, 2015
video remote interpreting

Pros and Cons of VRI

When interpretation services are needed there are occasions that are better for video remote interpreting over other modes of interpretation. The article below will describe the pros and cons of video remote interpreting.


According to Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc., successful video remote interpreting (VRI) sessions use qualified spoken language and/or sign language interpreters who are experienced in specific areas of expertise and follow professional interpreting standards.

Successful VRI sessions have shared understanding of the benefits as well as the limitations of VRI, common elements of established meeting preparation protocols, training regarding equipment and video conferencing protocols, effective environmental controls, and compatibility of technical set-up and connectivity.

Last Minute Needs 

Occasions may occur when interpretation services are needed at a moments notice. With video remote interpreting available, you can connect with a certified professional in less than a minute.

Certain locations such as hospitals, benefit from video interpreters because they are able to connect with someone who can effectively communicate with a patient. This can also help the doctor better understand any issues to give a proper diagnosis. During these situations it’s important to be able to connect with someone who fully understands the language and is able to communicate that information back as well.

Trained Professional Interpreters

It’s important to have a professional communicate to correctly break down the language barriers and avoid miscommunication issues. For example, a medically trained interpreter will more than likely have an advantage in a medical setting over a randomly selected emergency interpreter who just happened to live in the area and be on call. An ineffective interpreter can offend the person needing it and in the medical setting, can be harmful to ones well being.



Instant connection through technology can be a pro but relying on technology can also be a downfall. Video remote interpreting relies on a high-speed wireless internet connection. Losing the connection can cause confusion and if you have to constantly try and reconnect your organization can lose credibility. A bad connection may also lead to having to reschedule which in some circumstances, may not be an option which leaves you scrambling to figure out what to do next.

Vision Limitations

When there are multiple people who need interpretation, VRI may not be the suggested choice. Vision is limited and can be difficult to spot each individuals needs in large groups. This can be especially difficult if there are multiple levels of interpretation needed. Some people may understand signs or words differently then the person next to them. Also, if in a larger group, someone may feel left out, causing an ineffective process.

Distracting Atmosphere

The hard part about video interpreting is being able to control the environment from any distractions. When last minute interpreting is needed, it can be difficult to control the environment the VRI is held in. There can be multiple things in the background that distracts the interpreters as well as the people who may need interpretation.

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