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Express Love in New Languages – Video

February 14, 2019
Romantic phrases in different languages. Women hugging a man holding a rose
Do you ever wonder how to say common phrases such as “I love you” in other languages around the globe?

Here’s the thing:

There are many ways to express love besides those three English words. Sure, we could directly translate “I love you” into other languages (and we did, for a few lesser-known ones) but we wanted to seek out the creative and unique ways other cultures express love.

Love is multi-dimensional so why not expand how you show your loved ones how much you care? Whether you and your loved one speak the same or different language, expressing emotions in different languages can show that special person that your love knows no boundaries – geographical, linguistic, or emotional.

Plus, is there anything more romantic and heartfelt than sharing the romance languages on the ultimate day of love?!

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Languages featured:

  •  Afrikaans
  •  Bulgarian
  •  Chinese
  •  French
  •  German
  •  Japanese
  •  Russian
  •  Scottish
  •  Spanish

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