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Love is Love, in any language – Video

February 11, 2021
hearts in a picture with word saying loveisloveinanylanguage

The Beatles once famously sang “All you need is love.” That timeless refrain is one we can all relate to, now more than ever. And it is important to remember there are many different ways to express love, even if you cannot physically be with the people you love.


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Love is calling someone just to check in on them. Love is sending a text that puts a smile on a face. Love is sending a care package to a friend who is feeling down. Love is helping a young family member do something for the first time.

In that sense, love is not amorous. We tend to think of things in black and white terms. “Love is between two people who are in a relationship.” That is true. But love is also between two people who have a relationship.

Love does not have to be amorous. It can be platonic. In fact, sometimes that is the best type of love.

Love is also unspoken. Couples who have been together a long time often do not have to verbally express what they want in a particular situation.

Love transcends words in that way. It also transcends language, because no matter how you say it, love is love.



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