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In-Person Interpreting Vs. Telephone Or Video Interpreting [Infographic]
During this day and age, language services are likely to be essential to the success of your business. With instant global communication, increased cultural diversity, and the technology easing the ability to do business across borders, translation and interpreter services are more necessary now than they may have been before.
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Chris Amorosino

Chris John Amorosino spent 18 years writing business communications for an insurance company, the state’s largest daily newspaper, and an international trade association. In 1995 he founded Amorosino Writing, LLC and has written for Aetna, ESPN, GE, The Hartford, Hasbro, Otis, St. Francis Care, Prudential, Voya (formerly ING), and many other clients. Chris has conduct more than 30 business writing workshops for hundreds of executives. He’s the coauthor of the book, Don’t Get Fooled Again: A Decision Maker’s Guide to Market Research with Walter H. Zultowski, Ph.D.
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Chris Amorosino
Chris Amorosino