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Basic Breakdown: Website Localization
Throughout the past several years, localization has become an increasingly common buzzword within the translation industry. So, how does it differ from translation and what exactly is it?
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Lia Mitchell

Lia has spent the last decade working in international settings, and learning languages throughout five continents. She has managed the online media teams for the Patagonian Expedition Race, and the Expedition Alaska Adventure Race, as well as competed as a finalist for Columbia Sportswear's Director of Toughness in 2017. She currently resides in Bogota, Colombia where she is the bilingual travel media producer for Afuera Films and the online media manager for Perpetual Motion Events.

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The travel and tourism industry annually grows between 1 to 1.5x faster than the world economy. Within that sector, eco-tourism’s popularity continues to rise as more people become environmentally conscious and value minimal impact (World Travel and Tourism Council, as reported by There are also two sides to eco-tourism’s international growth. 

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Lia Mitchell
Lia Mitchell