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Can I Translate My Own Birth Certificate For USCIS?

Translation, Popular Brandon Choquette on Nov 9, 2017 8:05:00 AM

birth certificateUnited States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) demands that all foreign language documents are translated into English. One of the most common documents necessary for a smooth immigration is your birth certificate.

When the time comes, you will need to provide a simple photocopy of the original document and its certified translation into English, which should be translated by a professional who is fluent both in English and your native language. Unfortunately, you cannot complete this task yourself if you are the going through the immigration process. Simply, you cannot translate your own birth certificate for immigration purposes. From this, we suggest that you hire a professional translator to perform an accurate translation of the original document. Your translator must provide their name, signature, address and date of certification to be in compliance with USCIS standards.

How do I get my immigration documents translated?

What Does USCIS Require For Birth Certificate Translations?

A birth certificate is an important civil status document, so it is imperative that birth certificate translations are accurate and culturally sensitive, meeting the required standards of the target country. For instance, any English translation for USCIS officials should meet the required standards to ensure compliance with the law.

Document Translation for USCIS

USCIS also requires the long-form version of your birth certificate. Many national governments keep a record of both a long-form and short-form version of an individual’s birth certificate on file. USCIS needs the birth certificate that has the most possible information on it, including:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of birth

  • Place of birth

  • Parent’s full names

  • A seal verifying that it is an official record from the issuing office

What are the typical documents that USCIS wants translated?

We Can Provide All Your Notarized Translation Affidavits

Each time you translate a foreign language document, you will need to acquire a separate affidavit to be notarized. So it makes sense that you will save time by getting all of your translations completed and notarized at once. A CT translation company can also prepare a certificate of accuracy to assure the format is correct and meets USCIS standards. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Certified Birth Certificate Translation?

While it is hard for us to speak for other translation companies, we are proud that our birth certificate translations can be completed within 24 hours. Knowing what to expect when you work with a translation company is essential for establishing a trusting relationship, so to be forthright with you, we have included a bulleted list of what you can expect.

With Our Birth Certificate Translation Services You Can Expect:

  • Two printed copies of your certified translated document(s)

  • An electronic version of your certified translation sent to you via email within 24 hours.

  • Two hand-signed certified and notarized paper copies sent out at the end of the next business day

  • Documents guaranteed for USCIS acceptance


Certified Translations For USCIS

iTi puts full effort into making personal document translation easier for you. We strive to make the experience fast, easy, and 100% confidential. All you have to do is simply click on the button below to go step by step through our automated online system. Our 24 hour turnaround helps to keep the process simple and painless and the documents that are delivered to you are guaranteed to be accepted by any government agency.

Your order can be completed from any type of device, so no need to go back to the office to scan documents. Simply take a photo of the document and upload it from any handheld device. At only $100 minimum for a 2 page document and $50 per additional page, the investment is not going to break your bank!


Certified Personal Document Translator Button

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