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Overcoming legal translation challenges
Document Translation Legal

The Unique Challenges Of Translating Legal Documents

Legal documents aren’t exactly light reading, even in English. There are numerous documents that require legal translation, including birth certificates, deposition records, evidence documents, litigation materials, and business contracts. So, how do you overcome the challenges associated with the translation of these complex documents?…

September 22, 2015
scales of justice

Understanding The Risks Involved In Translating Legal Documents

When making the decision to have documents translated within the legal industry there many factors to take into account that are uncharacteristic of most industries. With more variables to take into account and higher stakes it is well worth it to make an exceedingly…

September 7, 2015
code of ethics for court interpreters
In-Person Interpreting Legal

Code Of Ethics For Court Interpreters

Qualified court interpreters must exude a professional demeanor from the first second they walk into a courtroom or law office. A strict code of ethics exists to protect all involved in the legal process, while ensuring that the interpreter doesn’t overstep boundaries at any…

August 28, 2015
are you ready?
In-Person Interpreting Legal

Preparation Tips For Working With A Court Interpreter

Interpreting in legal settings is quite different from other forms of interpreting. In fact, it is almost a different discipline: there are massive differences in language, protocol, qualifications, roles and risks associated with legal interpreting. Thorough preparation helps the interpreter to deal with the…

August 25, 2015