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How to Find Beginner Translator Jobs

Many jobs require more qualifications and work experience than most beginning translators can show. However, there are always companies out there willing to take a chance on fresh talent. Check out some of these places to find translator jobs. Job Boards and Freelancer Sites…

April 16, 2019
Translator sitting at a table with coffee in hands in front of laptop

How to Land Your First Translator Jobs

You have decided to become a translator and are ready to start applying for translator jobs. Whether you plan on freelancing or becoming an employee, these initial steps apply. Your goal is to get the best work you can, even if your first gigs do not pay…

March 19, 2019

6 Skills Needed to Become a Translator

If you are looking to break into the translation field, you will likely be confronted by the classic chicken-or-egg scenario: you need experience to get translator jobs, but you need jobs to get experience! So, what to do? Fortunately, others such as I have walked…

February 19, 2019
Setting Yourself Up For A Successful Interpreting Career

Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Interpreter Career

You are fluent in multiple languages, pass a couple language services providers assessment process, and then, you wait…and wait….and wait for the assignments to start rolling in. Life as an independent contractor/freelancer isn’t always as easy and glamorous as one may think. The freedom…

February 23, 2017