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Transcreation or Translation?

Sometimes accurate translation just isn’t right. Sometimes we need to use transcreation instead. Transcreation is a relatively new term that means recreating a text for a target audience in a way that is appropriate and relevant for that audience.  The term is a combination…

February 25, 2020
Document Translation

How To Save Money With Your Next Translation Project

It is always in your best interest to invest in quality translations. If you become accustomed to the process and are aware of general best practices, you will increase the chance that you receive globally consistent translated content, which appeals to local audiences and…

January 9, 2020
Document Translation

The Importance of a Translation Style Guide

A translation style guide is a critical resource for anyone looking to tailor their brand voice and cater toward a specific audience, whether in healthcare, legal or manufacturing industries. A translation style guide is a resource created by the translation requester, their language reviewers,…

July 16, 2019