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an astronaut and terpii in space
Terpii Travels

Terpii Travels – Global Space Race

Hey friends! As you know, I’ve always been a big fan of space and today’s adventures revolve around the global space race! Things have really been blasting off lately. I’m still hopping up and down in excitement after watching billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff…

August 5, 2021
terpii goes trick or treating
Terpii Travels

Terpii Goes Trick-or-Treating During COVID-19

It is that time of year again friends. The leaves are changing, and sweaters are coming out of storage. Fall always seems to sneak up on me, but this year everything since COVID-19 feels like a blur! Halloween is the first fall holiday in…

October 28, 2020
iTi's linguistic superhero Terpii grabs her backpack for school
Terpii Travels

Terpii Goes Back to School

Hi everyone! As you may have guessed, I have not been able to hop around the world as much during these unprecedented times. However, it has been so rewarding to focus on using my translation and interpreting skills right here at home! Due to…

September 3, 2020
Terpii's New Years Adventure
Terpii Travels

Terpii’s New Years Adventure

Happy 2020 everyone! I love new beginnings and any reason to celebrate so this year I decided to kick off the new decade in two places that share my New Year enthusiasm! First stop, Colombia! PC 1 My good friend Carla works for the…

February 19, 2020
Terpii Travels

Terpii Travels – Holiday Celebrations

Hi, friends! It’s that time of the year again when a large number of holidays happen back to back all over the world! With so many celebrations coming up, it’s hard to choose where I want to hop to next! In the United States…

October 23, 2019
healthy food
Terpii Travels

Global Marketing Done Right – Terpii Travels

Hey friends! Today is going to be about a different kind of adventure, but an adventure nonetheless! This past month my friend Kay and I have been diving deep into multicultural marketing. You see, my friend Kay started a company right out of college…

September 4, 2019
Castle on the ocean
Terpii Travels

Terpii Travels: Westeros

Hi friends! Today I have a very special Terpii adventure to share with you. I had to hop across many lands, worlds, and maybe even a digital dimension or two to get here but it was all worth it! I knew I had to…

May 1, 2019