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Terpii overlooking Lake como
Terpii Travels

Country Spotlight: ITALY [Terpii Travels]

Hey Terpii followers! Have you been checking up on my Instagram? I’ve been trying to keep you in the visual loop with my global adventures! Hopping all around, I’ve been seeing all kinds of great places. Most recently, you may have noticed that I’ve…

January 22, 2019
Beach on Vanatu
Terpii Travels

Country Spotlight: VANATU [Terpii Travels]

Hello friends!  I hope you are all having some happy holidays this year. I know I sure am. I’m writing today from the world’s fourth happiest country! Can you guess where I am? Extra points to those of you who have even heard of…

December 4, 2018
city in Iran with mountains in the background
Terpii Travels

Country Spotlight: IRAN [Terpii Travels]

Hi Friends! This month I wanted to go to someplace that many Americans don’t think about visiting but that my friends in Australia, Europe, and Asia have always recommended. It is the birth place of chess, algebra and the guitar. Do you know where it…

October 3, 2018
belgium waffles
Terpii Travels

Country Spotlight: BELGIUM [Terpii Travels]

Hey Everyone! I’m not sure if you followed the World Cup, but whether you’re rooting for this country or not, I believe it’s a place we can all agree makes some pretty amazing chocolate. With all the World Cup excitement, and due to my…

August 7, 2018
Large robot in Japan
Terpii Travels

Country Spotlight: JAPAN [Terpii Travels]

Konichiwa Everyone! Terpii here, in the amazing Japan, and boy do I have lots to share with you about this trip! It all started with a craving for the freshest sushi… PC Sundy Lin There I was, hopping around the world when I got…

July 3, 2018
Terpii Travels

Country Spotlight: SOUTH KOREA [Terpii Travels]

Hi everyone, once again it’s Terpii here! Due to the new political peace between North and South Korea, I decided that it was the perfect time to celebrate by hopping on over to South Korea. I had never been before so I was very…

May 16, 2018