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Helping clients bridge the language gap through a variety of language solutions. Whether you need to speak face to face with a client at your office, or have you marketing materials translated into new languages, iTi helps you overcome language challenges.


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We've had the wonderful opportunity to work with some of New England's top companies across a wide array of industries.


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Voted as Connecticut Law Tribunes "Best Foreign Language Translation Provider" every year since 2008.


Legal Industry Specialists


 iTi has been trusted by Connecticut law firms since its’ inception in 1986. Our interpreters are thoroughly vetted for language fluency and interpreter skills. Our coordinators skillfully match interpreters with legal industry experience and knowledge for each assignment requested.

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Check out our social feeds learn more about our company, the language industry, and content on languages and cultures across the globe. We're proud of the following and reputation that we have cultivated online over the past 30 years. 


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We've maintained a 4-star ratings on all major review platforms as well as an exceptional Net Promoter Score score asd determined by weekly client surveys.


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We have alliances with many major organizations in our industry. We adhere to to strict quality standards as laid out by ISO.