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9 items to include in your hospitals language access pack
It’s well-known that hospitals and healthcare systems must provide interpreting and translation services to patients free of charge to stay in compliance with the federal government, not to mention it's just the right thing to do.
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9 Items To Include In Your Hospitals Language Access Pack (Infographic)

Healthcare, Infographics Annie Pagano on Aug 15, 2018 8:30:00 AM

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If you're reading this, you must be preparing to implement a language access policy at your hospital or health system.

Whether you are creating a brand new language access program or are re-hauling your current one, we have a suggestion that we have personally seen be successful.

A Language Service Pack.

We use the term pack to keep it general; the truth is it can be whatever you want! A language service box, a language service bag, language service crystal ball....well, maybe not that last one (but wouldn't that be cool?!) 

Anyways, you get the picture. Think of it like a first aid kit for communicating with LEPs. This pack is a go-to resource for each department when they need anything to do with language services.

The great thing about this pack is that it's completely custom. Tailor it to fit your organization. We have implemented services at dozens of hospitals across the country and we truly believe these are some core components that everyone should include.

But you do what's best for you - take what you like, leave the rest, and add your own spin on it. (If you do add your own spin, let us know! We would love to know how you make this your own).


Let's get into it - What exactly should you include in a "language services pack"? We could tell you but we thought it would be better to show you. Hence the infographic below.

We hope you take away something useful from this. Any comments? Ideas on additions? Leave us a comment below!

Language Access Pack Graphic Working_V6-01-01

Want this information in a printable checklist format? Click the button below to download!

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