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In-Person Interpreting Vs. Telephone Or Video Interpreting [Infographic]
During this day and age, language services are likely to be essential to the success of your business. With instant global communication, increased cultural diversity, and the technology easing the ability to do business across borders, translation and interpreter services are more necessary now than they may have been before.
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How To Prepare For Successful Over the Phone Interpreting Services

Telephonic Interpreting Brandon Choquette on Apr 5, 2016 12:26:00 PM

Over the phone interpreter in a suit with a headset

Telephone interpreting services allow for people to connect with one another all over the world. Internet has opened several doors but having the capability to access people through phone offers a wider range of audiences who are familiar with the technology making them feel more comfortable to communicate. This article will discuss the benefits of over the phone interpreting and how to prepare for the service for successful communication. 

Make Sure All Parties Plan Ahead

When utilizing telephone interpreting services, you essentially have a 3-way conference call with the interpreter, you and the party you're calling. So it's important that each party is on the same page so everyone is comfortable to express themselves without feeling stressed from the lack of preparation. Make sure everyone is aware of the time the call will be taking place. Sometimes you may not have much time to prepare so it's important you are able to contact a professional interpreter for a last minute meeting. One of the benefits of telephone interpreting is that last-minute meetings can be done and professional services are available all times of the day, seven days a week. It's important that everyone can be prepared so a scheduled meeting will ensure higher success but if that is not always an option there are resources available for a professional and successful call. 

Know What Interpreting Services Are Needed

Another way to prepare for your call is knowing exactly what interpreting services are needed. Your party may consist of several people who speak different languages so it is important that you are aware of each one to find the most appropriate interpreter. This is essential so no one is left out of the conversation especially for important settings such as business meetings, health care organizations as well as legal and law enforcement uses. Discuss with the professional service which languages are needed for your meeting so they can assign the best interpreter to ensure the most successful communication with your party as possible. 

Educate The Interpreter 

To ensure the best communication, it will be beneficial that the interpreter is aware of what type of information they are going to be discussing to the different parties involved. Giving them a brief synopsis will help them better be prepared and more knowledgeable on the material. This can help them better communicate any questions or explain further if either party is confused. The interpreter will know further of the importance of the material needed to be discussed and understand the nuances that may occur from either party that may need further explanation as they are discussing the information. 

Make Sure To Utilize Professional Interpreters 

It's important that your information is related to the party as effectively and professionally as possible. Using an interpreter that can speak a different language may be helpful but they may not understand different cultures like a professional can and sometimes your telephonic meeting may require more than one language interpreting needs. A professional will be able to understand different dialects and the different nuances that may occur. A professional will be able to eliminate any confusion so your meeting through a telephone call will be as though everyone is in the same room together. 

Check out the link below to communicate with our professionals and prepare yourself for a successful telephonic call for interpreting service needs. 

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