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In-Person Interpreting Vs. Telephone Or Video Interpreting [Infographic]
During this day and age, language services are likely to be essential to the success of your business. With instant global communication, increased cultural diversity, and the technology easing the ability to do business across borders, translation and interpreter services are more necessary now than they may have been before.
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How to Prepare your Business for Interpreter Services

Interpreting Francesco Pagano on Nov 11, 2015 4:30:00 PM

You may be asking yourself why you need an interpreter and how will you prepare to have one come in and help with your meeting? Interpreters offer a wide range of benefits and you can find one specifically fitting your needs to have a smooth and successful meeting. Interpreters are often skilled in several ares and can seamlessly facilitate communication so everyone feels comfortable voicing their opinions. 

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Why You Need An Interpreter

By having an interpreter present, business negotiations can be better simplified because everyone can speak a different language and feel comfortable expressing themselves. An interpreter improves the flow of communication and helps overcome language barriers which clears up communication between everyone involved, and avoids any misunderstandings in communication by helping overcome any cultural differences that may occur. Everyone in the room can feel comfortable to express their thoughts without struggling to get their message across. If someone is presenting to a group with diverse backgrounds, interpreters can also help simplify the message as well as further help anyone who may have questions throughout the presentation. 

Have Information Prepared 

Make sure to have some information prepared for the interpreters who are helping with your meeting. It will help the interpreter have a good grasp on the topics that will be discussed. Just as a meeting participant and meeting speaker will prepare in advance, an interpreter needs to be equally as prepared and they need to be aware of your objectives. The most commonly provided documents for business meetings are agendas, speaking notes, presentations and company information and this information will help facilitate the best quality interpreting services. That way when the meeting begins, everyone is on the same page and things can run as smoothly as possible. 

Don't Wait Until Last Minute

Try booking an interpreter ahead of time. As soon as you know that you will need an interpreter you should go about seeking said interpreter to ensure that the best and most qualified linguists are available. You should provide background information to your language services provider at the time of inquiry so that the best interpreter can be provided to fit your needs. Information such as the business objectives, location, agenda and number of attendees is important. It is possible to get an interpreter on a shorter notice but to find the best one suited for your needs, booking in advance is the best way to go. 

Two May Be Better Than One 

Having two interpreters can be very beneficial especially in a large group meeting. If there are multiple people speaking different languages it can be difficult for an interpreter to keep up, especially if everyone was talking at the same time. Two people can catch more information and also communicate with one another to provide the best information that was said. Also, if this meeting runs for a long period of time, interpreters can get worn out and may need a break. Having another interpreter available will help with the energy of the meeting and they can effectively continue to provide quality services. 


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