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Will AI Replace Human Translators?
Document Translation Linguists

Will AI Replace Human Translators?

We have all seen the Google Translate fails. They are often innocent and good for a chuckle. However, in the grand scheme of things, machine translation has improved drastically and is pretty useful depending on the context.  With the rise of ChatGPT and other…

April 24, 2023
Your future depends on what you do today. Make it count!

CareerConn 2021 – Language Industry Resources

iTi is proud to sponsor and participate in CareerConn 2021, a career school event for students and anyone looking to explore new career pathways. We are especially excited about the virtual offering this year. If you are here from our booth, thank you for…

March 23, 2021
Is Arabic the language with the highest number of words
Lifestyle and Culture Linguists

Is Arabic The Richest Language In Words?

The response to our blog “Which language is Richest in Words” was so enthusiastic and polarizing that we decided to write a follow-up. It would be foolish to focus on any language other than Arabic, which generated by far the most feedback.  Arabic is…

September 22, 2020
Top freelance websites for interpreters and translators

Top Freelance Websites for Interpreters & Translators

Working as a freelancer seems like a dream. Be your own boss, make your own hours, work from wherever. There seem to be benefits galore but one thing no tends to talk about is how do you get started? If you’re a new interpreter…

February 25, 2020
Best Universities for Language Degrees
Education Linguists

Best Universities for Language Degrees

You’ve decided you want to pursue a career as a translator or interpreter. First things first, education! Are there schools that specialize in translation or interpretation? Do many schools offer the degree I need? What level of education do I need to pursue this…

June 29, 2019