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In-Person Interpreting

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Corporate In-Person Interpreting

The Definitive Guide to Conference Interpreting

Large events such as conferences take extreme coordination and preparation to be successful. This can increase dramatically when conference interpreting services are needed to serve a multilingual audience. To ensure a smooth and successful event, preparation for interpreter services should be part of your event planning…

June 6, 2023
Split image showing in-person interpreter, telephonic interpretation, ASL Interpreting and Video remote interpreting
In-Person Interpreting OPI-Over The Phone Interpreting VRI-Video Remote Interpreting

In-Person Interpreting Vs. Telephone Or Video Interpreting [Infographic]

Language services are imperative for businesses today, especially with instant global communication, increased cultural diversity, and cross-border business facilitated by technology. Among different interpretation services, there are three basic types:  In-person or onsite interpreting services, video remote interpreting (VRI) and over-the-phone interpreting (OPI). Each…

May 15, 2023