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Four essential steps to set up your hospital for success in diversity, equity and inclusion.

4 Steps to Set Your Hospital Up for Diversity Success

The cultural fabric of the United States is changing more rapidly than ever before. As the make-up of the American population continues to change, so do the methods healthcare providers use to raise the bar when it comes to serving patients. If you are…

March 14, 2023
The Dos and Don'ts of Medical Translation
Document Translation Healthcare

The Dos and Don’ts of Medical Translation

Interpreting is important. So is translation. Interpreting – the spoken word. Translation – the written word. As a healthcare provider, you already know that communication is the key to excellence in the patient experience. For your non-English-speaking patients and their families, medical scenarios can…

February 14, 2023
Indigenous Tribe
Lifestyle and Culture

The Loss of Indigenous Languages – Video

Language means so much more than communication between people – it represents culture, history, tradition, and identity. According to UNESCO, there are more than 8300* languages in the world today. A startling fact is that about 97% of the world speaks just 4% of…

August 8, 2022

5 Reasons You Need Proxy Web Localization

Having your website localized is undeniably a great way to expand your international market share and test new products and services in another country. However, researching the wide variety of options and factors to consider can often be overwhelming. One option you may have…

July 5, 2022