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April Fool's Day
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April Fool’s Day

April Fools!!!! Sorry we fooled you! Don’t be as blue as the characters in the box office record-breaking movie Avatar (they are the only ones fluent in Na’vi!). But since we are on the subject, check out our blog on fictional languages and learn…

April 1, 2021
hearts in a picture with word saying loveisloveinanylanguage
Lifestyle and Culture

Love is Love, in any language – Video

The Beatles once famously sang “All you need is love.” That timeless refrain is one we can all relate to, now more than ever. And it is important to remember there are many different ways to express love, even if you cannot physically be…

February 11, 2021
Is Arabic the language with the highest number of words
Lifestyle and Culture Linguists

Is Arabic The Richest Language In Words?

The response to our blog “Which language is Richest in Words” was so enthusiastic and polarizing that we decided to write a follow-up. It would be foolish to focus on any language other than Arabic, which generated by far the most feedback.  Arabic is…

September 22, 2020
Global Languages
Lifestyle and Culture

Commonly Spoken Dialects Across the Globe

What’s the difference between a dialect and a language? It’s a surprisingly difficult question to give a straight answer to! This is the type of question that if you ask 10 different people, you will likely get 10 different answers. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary lists four…

March 5, 2020